The Book Thief

June 16, 2008

In this book by Markus Zusak, Death serves as a narrator telling the story of a young girl adopted by a couple in Germany during WWII. The book starts out slowly because you have to adjust to the writing style. Zusak uses fragmented sentences, short episodic chapters, and lots of metaphors. It’s an interesting style, but it was difficult to get into and by the end it felt too “artsy” for me. However, I did enjoy the characters and the setting of Nazi Germany. Death as the narrator also adds an interesting aspect to the book. The story is really long, though, and I kept finding myself just wanting to finish, not because I really wanted to know what happened but more because I wanted to be done and move on to something else. It’s not a bad book; I think there are a lot of good themes, and I can see why it was nominated for a Michael L. Printz award. It would be a good book to include in a high-school literature class or in a WWII unit.

There are many varying opinions of this book, so be sure to read it yourself and form your own!