Urban Babies Wear Black

March 1, 2008

Ever wonder what an urban baby does all day? In this board book by Michelle Sinclair Colman, readers will find out urban babies’ lifestyles do not differ much from their parents’. With its fun colors and simple, repetitive language, kids will enjoy this book almost as much as their parents. Each page of Urban Babies Wear Black presents another ridiculous, yet amusing, activity that an urban baby enjoys, such as doing yoga or drinking lattes. Though the concept will be lost on the youngsters, adults (who are essentially the targeted audience since they buy the books for kids) will love the humor.

If you enjoy this one, Colman has others for others audiences that are surely not to miss: Beach Babies Wear Shades, Country Babies Wear Plaid, Winter Babies Wear Layers, Eco Babies Wear Green.

Rating (out of 5): 4